Summer Dog Safety

summer dog


We should walk our dog only early in the evening and later in the evening. When the sidewalk is too hot, the dog’s paws cannot bear the heat! Let’s not torture it and respect these rules.

Beethoven dog
These walks should be light, we mustn’t tire the dog out (for example: it’s never a good idea to exercise your dog by having him run alongside your bicycle).

big dog

Always take some water with you, provide it with big quantities at home, too.

golden retriever jessie

Signs of heatstroke

  • panting
  • rapid breathing
  • sometimes salivation
  • too dark or too light gums and tongue
  • vomiting or/and diarrhea

What can we do: give it some ice cubes, try to cool the dog off and call the veterinary immediately!

dog with eyeglasses

Dogs get sunburned

Do not shave your pet, because this can actually make it more susceptible to sunburn.

dog swimming

Dog in the water

Be sure not to leave your pet unsupervised around water! In the case the dog is not conscious about the fact that it can instinctively swim, do not force it to do so. Lure it instead and show your pet the water is a safety place when you are around.

Parasite Prevention

Be aware of the ticks and fleas! Protect your pet and also your family by using parasite prevention products like Frontline Combo or others.

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Summer Dog Safety

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