Regular Health Check

Regular health check

EYES should be clean and bright.

NOSE has to be cold and wet. Sometimes, when the dog is tired or sleepy its nose can be fallacious.

dogs nose

EARS. Regular ear cleaning is indispensable. When the dog is shaking her head, it means that something is bothering her ears, consequently we must check her ears.

MOUTH. Gums should be clean and pink. Use doggy toothpaste or dental sticks. Dogs with bad breath usually have tartar excess or digestive problems.

NAILS. Tell the vet to check them on each regular visit. Almost all dogs have dew-claws, we can find these nails on the inside of the leg, above the paw.

dog paw

COAT. Dogs shed (except some breeds like poodles) about twice a year and they need regular grooming. Dog maintenance is not only for their benefit, but also for our 😉

EATING/DRINKING. It is very important for the dog to have available water resource. If you notice she drinks too much water, do not forget to mention it to the vet (this may be the first sign of dog epilepsy).

Dogs eating habits may differ, but an adult dog eats about twice a day.

And what does a dog eat? Being a carnivore by nature she mainly eats meat.

TEMPERATURE. The normal temperature of the dog is 38-39 C, if it will be higher than this (usually its nose is hot and dry), the dog has temperature. (we will need rectal thermometer to measure it).

dog at the vet

Veterinary Matters

It is hard to notice any kind of illness or pain on an animal, this is why I always respected vets so much. Let’s see which are the most important vet matters we should know:

Annual vaccination against potential diseases: distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis.

Worming  – internal parasites (roundworms, tapeworms) can cause disease to humans, too. We must give them wormers every 3 months.

Fleas – Flea control is especially during summer time ( at the tail-base and lower back)

Neutering – A routine surgical procedure. The lack of it can cause behavioral problems (aggression) + health-related issues.

Daily exercise  –  is essential to build the muscle tone, it prevents depression and heart diseases.

puppies and mom

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