Desensibilisation Training

New Year’s Eve

Most of the people enjoy making noise, watching the fireworks, screaming and shouting while we pass the borderline towards the next year. Well, dog owners do not. I’ll let you guess why. …

Say it! Yes, absolutely. Because 90% of the dogs are terrified and frightened by the sound of the petards and fireworks. Their whole spiritual balance is turned over, they just cannot help themselves and neither can we. Almost all the animals live a near-death experience during this warlike period.

Birds desperately fly against the windows, vagabond cats run all over the streets. They helplessly feel that the whole world had come to an end.

What should we do then? There are two solutions. An instant one that helps only for the moment (when we are pushed for time): dog sedative – a pet product used to sedate the mind and really quiet down the pet – and the other solution:


The desensibilization training (coming soon)

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  1. letter of thanks for writing this entry. It is really useful for me.


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